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LED360 has developed a very clear and robust strategy that will take them through the next 10 years and beyond developing the business into a leading domestic seller and installer of quality LED and home efficiency products in both New Zealand, and Australia. LED360’s purpose is to supply and install quality, branded LED products at affordable prices, it is the clarity around this purpose that sets LED360 aside from all the other players in the market. All our team coming on board share this purpose and strive continually to fulfil this in their location in New Zealand.

LED360 have developed robust processes built around being the best specifier, supplier and installer of branded products. This is something that we as an organisation have identified that if we can become the best in the world at it, will ensure we always achieve our purpose.


Auckland East Business Opportunity

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Wellington Business Opportunity

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How do I apply for to LED360 for Career or Business Opportunities?

If you are interested in joining the LED360 business, please complete an Application Form and submit it to us. If your interest matches what we are looking for in a potential partner, you will be contacted by an LED360 representative to initiate the qualification process.

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