1What are the hours of operation for a LED360 franchise?

The advantage of this business is the work-life balance. Our operation is flexible with the Franchisee being dedicated to operating a successful business. Sales and lead generation tend to be done between 2pm - 7pm. Installs tend to be done between 9am - 5pm, frequency depends entirely on sales volume. Bookings tend to be in the evenings, to catch people home. All Monday to Friday.

2Do I need to have experience to be successful?

No, as long as you have a willingness to learn and possess a positive, motivated and determined attitude to work towards becoming a successful LED360 franchisee. LED360 are seeking candidates who are committed to providing our customers with quality service, and deliver on our LED360 promise. It is important to be able to manage your staff well as your business grows.

3How much training do I receive?

You will be provided with our initial training program, plus the operations manual which will guide you on all aspects of your business. Once you have settled in your territory you will have access to the Sales, Operations and Administration Managers and regular visits to your location by the Franchisor. Further training is available if required.

4Are all LED Lights the same?

No, due to the popularity and fast growth of the LED Industry, there are a lot of companies manufacturing LED Lights to be sold into New Zealand that are inferior. Some easy examples would be to go to your local Bunnings, or Warehouse and find an LED bulb or fitting they have. Predominantly they are not very bright, they are not as efficient, they do not work with many transformers (LED MR16 bulbs), and their actual life is significantly shorter than quality brands. When they fail the next issue is that the supplier has shut up shop or the line had been discontinued due to problems customers had.

5How do I find customers?

Our marketing system is low cost, simple and very effective, through the simple approach of door-to- door sales we have proven a marketing concept that works. This system with the support of brochures, local promotions, word-of-mouth and a strong online presence has created a lead generation system that works. The sales reps and lead generators will be your main source of leads and customers, with the right guidance they will generate 90% of your new business.

6How do I know what to charge customers?

The beauty of this system is that all recommendations and set pricing structures are already defined for you. Our experts in the Head Office team have established detailed pricing guides for all products.

7Is there a future in LED Lighting?

Philips say an overwhelming YES, LED360 say LED Lighting is the future. The NZ Government signed a document some time ago committing, with all other OECD countries that they would convert to energy efficient lighting. The first step to this is starting to happen with New Zealand wholesalers not being allowed to purchase or sell incandescent lighting. The process has been delayed but in the next few years you will see that old inefficient lighting will just not be available and LED Lighting will be the best option.

Philips expect 75% of the world lighting will be LED by 2020. At this stage Europe are in the lead with making the move over to LED, followed by USA and the UK. Australia and New Zealand are starting to get some real traction now thanks to the price drops and education. Interestingly Cuba is the only 100% LED lit county in the world.

8How do I apply for an LED360 Franchise?

If you are interested in becoming an LED360 franchisee, please complete an Application Form and submit it to us. If your interest matches what we are looking for in a potential partner, you will be contacted by an LED360 representative to initiate the qualification process.

9What are the continuing fees?

  • A royalty 10% of monthly gross turnover paid in arrears within 5 days of invoice.
  • A marketing fee of 3% of monthly gross turnover paid in arrears within 5 days of invoice.

10Where to from here?

To find out more about the LED360 franchise opportunity contact us for an application form.

Our Promise...

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  • Deliver a clean installation, on time every time
  • We'll leave you with a home to be proud of